IndieStreet is igniting a movement toward Indie filmmakers owning their own distribution; a movement into a world where filmmakers can unite to build large audiences through their shared ownership in IndieStreet’s progressive platform. Our unique model is at the forefront of direct distribution companies that are helping to explode and rebuild the landscape of the film industry. Since Independent film first existed, there has been a forced disconnect between Indie filmmakers and their film’s distribution. The only option of the past was to hand a film over to a third party studio who had no involvement or investment in the hard work and struggle it took to create the film. A filmmkaer had to entrust the studio to properly market and release their product to maximize its potential. In most cases, a filmmaker would be dissappointed in the amount of care and support given by the studio to give the film the best chance for exposure and financial success. Studios are too large to give the proper attention to each of their small accquisitions. Even worse than the lack of attention is the fact that when an Independent film actually does becomes a success, questionable deals and accounting left the producers of the film product a laughable portion of the film’s receipts.

IndieStreet Filmmaker Rodrigo Lopresti (A Song Still Inside, I’m Not Me)

Indie Street will unify filmmakers & lead them into a future that offers control, exposure, and financial gain from their hard work. The IndieStreet option is unique from other platforms because contributing filmmakers will recevie profit shares in the company IndieStreet Media LLC. Our model is one spark of the inevitable revolution toward cooperation over competition in the Indie Film community. When our talented filmmakers share their resources and networks, the brand grows exponentially. The timing is critical for this shift in power: the cost of video delivery has dropped and streaming quality has risen to a point where streaming content has become viable and profitable. The plumetting costs of home theaters and Netflix’s trend toward episodic TV further solidify the movement of stylized, character driven, Independent films toward niche VOD markets. IndieStreet’s targeted theatrical releases, premiere parties, and other benefit events will establish our brand as the coolest street on the Indie Film Distribution block.