Frequently Asked Questions

by Filmmakers

Question: What does it mean that I will become an owner in the company if IndieStreet chooses my film to be a part of the library?

Answer: You will receive class P stock in the company IndieStreet Media LLC. Class P stock awards you with a profit share in the company without having to have the tax responsibility or liability of a class A stock owner. As a class P stock owner, your voting is limited, but the shares are just as valuable as class A stock monetarily.

Question: If there are more filmmakers, won’t my shares in the company be less vauable?

Answer: No, with the addition of each filmmaker the library, the brand, its network, and the company value grow enormously. Also a portion of every single film purchase is split between all contributing filmmakers. While your share percentage is slightly diluted with the addition of new films, the overall value of the company grows more and so will your stock's total value.

Question: What makes IndieStreet the right option for my film?

Answer: It's a long answer, but mostly our flexibility and support. We are not always the only option, but we are almost always at least a great complementary distribution platform. If we select your film to be a part of the library it means we love it and want to promote it in all ways possible. We do not demand exclusivity unless it makes sense for you as a filmmaker. As an IndieStreet filmmaker, we will promote your other releases (dvd, theatrical, etc.) and we will assist you as much as possible with navigating domestic and foreign sales. We want our talented filmmakers to be a part of the IndieStreet community for good, that is why we make you an owner, and why we do just about everything we do. More talented filmmakers, the more power and reach we have together!

Question: What is the revenue split for a single film purchase, and how do I know what my film is making?

Answer: Deals can vary, but on top of company shares, the filmmaker typically receive 50% of streaming profits on their own films, as well as a small protion of every single site purchase. This concept helps to further stimulate the internal promotion of the brand and the overall support of our fellow IndieStreet film releases. As an IndieStreet filmmaker you can track the streams & revenues of each of your films.

by Film Lovers

Question: When will the site launch? When can I start watching outstanding Indie films on IndieStreet?

Answer: Patience will be rewarded. We are currently growing our library of past and present films, and will launch the site later in 2015.

Question: What are benefits I get from becoming a site member?

Answer: Aside for being able to purchase films, you also are able to earn “street creds” and get rewarded with 1 free film per month and some other cool prizes. Just for spreading the word on social media, watching films, and writing reviews.

Question: Why do we pay for each view and not have a monthly subscription fee?

Answer: Subcription revenue models, in our eyes, are a new version of studio philosophy. Accounting and sharing of revenue in this scheme is overly complicated and never transparent...we want you to know that the filmmakers will be getting their fair share of the dollars you spend on watching their film. Many of you that are our audience members are friends, family, and associates of the filmmakers. Too many times in the past have supporters of an Indie film purchased a DVD or theater ticket, yet the acutal filmmaker sees nothing from their purchase.

Question: Can I watch films from my tablet or phone?

Answer: Yes, Our site is available on mobile devices, and when you rent a film you have 48 hours to watch it. You can even switch devices in the middle of viewing a filmif you have to. Our smart TV app will be available after the site is launched and running smoothly, so in the very near future you will be able to watch IndieStreet movies from your home theater in up to 2k streaming quality!