3,000 Miles

DocumentaryNR5 min

On July 5th, 2016, Sean Wang moved across the country to work and live in New York City for 1 year.

: Sean Wang

The Carousel

DocumentaryNR12 min

In the town of Binghamton, NY, there spins a 1925 carousel - a portal into...the Twilight Zone.

: Jonathan Napolitano

: Bill Finkenstein, Cortlandt Hull, Anne Serling

65 Percent

DocumentaryPG50 min

A 2016 ISFF official doc selection about the ubreakable bonds of family in the face of adversity.

: Jon Altino, Michael Altino

: Jared Wohl, Cameron Wohl


Animation, DocumentaryNR9 min

How much of your life do you need to remember to remain yourself?

: Ross Hogg, Duncan Cowles

: Isabella Hogg

The Man with Four Legs

Documentary, DramaNR85 min

A crew of young documentary filmmakers explore the life of an amnesiac fantasist.

: Ed Christmas

: Richard Southgate, Simon Dobson, Daniel Ormerod, Terry Sweney

I think this is the closest to how the footage looked

DocumentaryNR9 min

A man brings objects to life in a struggle to recreate the lost memory of his mother’s last day.

: Yuval Hameiri

The Boatman

DocumentaryNR13 min

As Joseph and Selina Gonzales approach their 71st anniversary, they reflect on years of endurance.

: Zack Godshall

: Selina Gonzales, Joseph Gonzales

Small Talk

DocumentaryNR7 min

Movies don't always go as planned, but people will always talk.

: Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell

: The Wilking Way Neighborhood

Tapes From The Revolutionary

DocumentaryNR16 min

What is it like to see the world through someone else’s eyes?

: Scott Willis

: Scott Willis, Andy Anderson

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere

DocumentaryNR19 min

In 2003, Japan found a ray of hope in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a career-long losing streak.

: Mickey Duzyj

: Koji Hashiguchi, Masashi Yoshida, Dai Muneishi, Ken Ishii

Sailing a Sinking Sea

DocumentaryNR65 min

An experimental documentary exploring the culture of the Moken people of Burma and Thailand.

: Olivia Wyatt

: Moken People

Thank You for Playing

DocumentaryNR81 min

Ryan begins working on a poetic video game to honor his son's life when he is diagnosed with cancer.

: David Osit, Malika Zouhali-Worrall

Bjørnøya (Bear Island)

DocumentaryNR83 min

Three brothers set out on a very special trip together to the remote Norwegian island of Bjørnøya.

: Inge Wegge, Edda Grjotheim

: Markus Wegge, Inge Wegge, Håkon Wegge

Station to Station

DocumentaryNR70 min

Comprised of 62 one-minute films, each changing minute explores new creativity.

: Doug Aitken

: Beck, Cat Power, Patti Smith, and a vast community of artists

Trump Rally

DocumentaryNR21 min

Dunne and friends went to a Trump Rally and filmed with our cell phones. This is what happened.

: Sean Dunne

: Donald Trump, Trump Supporters

Florida Man

DocumentaryNR50 min

A study on the eccentric everyday characters that make up the oft-stereotyped state of Florida.

: Sean Dunne

A River Changes Course

Browse, DocumentaryPG83 min

A River Changes Course intimately captures the stories of three families living in Cambodia

: Kalyanee Mam

: Families of Cambodia

the 78 Project Movie

DocumentaryPG-1396 min

The 78 Project is on a journey across America to make one-of-a-kind 78rpm records.

: Alex Steyermark

The Act of Killing

Browse, DocumentaryNR115 min

An unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass-murderers and the shockingly banal regime..

: Joshua Oppenheimer

: Anwar Congo

Radio Silence

DocumentaryNR22 min

What stops a father and son from being able to talk?

: Duncan Cowles

: Duncan Cowles, Stephen Cowles

These Birds Walk

Browse, DocumentaryNR71 min

In Karachi, Pakistan, a runaway boy's life hangs on one critical question: where is home?

: Omar Mullick, Bassam Tariq

20,000 Days on Earth

Browse, DocumentaryNR97 min

20,000 Days On Earth is an inventive, lyrical ode to creativity and an intimate examination of the..

: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard

: Nick Cave, Susie Cave

One of the Last

Browse, DocumentaryPG11 min

Meet Mauro, a simple 78-year-old Italian farmer who picks olives, grapes

: Paul Zinder

Tanzania: A Journey Within

Browse, DocumentaryNR102 min

Two unlikely friends embark upon a journey from the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the depths.

: Sylvia Caminer

Cam Girlz

DocumentaryNR67 min

Cam Girlz is a documentary film that enters the world of internet sex workers from a new perspective

: Sean Dunne

After Tiller

Browse, DocumentaryPG-13120 min

AFTER TILLER intimately explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in..

: Martha Shane, Lana Wilson

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Browse, DocumentaryR87 min

The story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted

: Banksy

: Mr. Brainwash, Banksy


DocumentaryR78 min

Oceana, is a small, once thriving coal-mining town that has fallen victim to the fast spreading.

: Sean Dunne

: Town folk of Oceana

12 O'Clock Boys

Browse, DocumentaryPG-1376 min

In the most thrilling trip into Baltimore since The Wire, we follow Pug...

: Lofty Nathan

: Coco, Pug, Steven

Yellow Fever

DocumentaryNR7 min

A reflection on African women's understanding of beauty in the face of globalization.

: Ng'endo Mukii

: Chipo Kureya, Margaret Njeri Mereka, Sam Nokuzola Moyo, Abriani Njeri, Fumy Opeyemi