Our Start2Finish program enables our audience to become a part of an Independent film project from idea through release! There are so many films out there looking for financing through crowdfunding platforms that it can become overwhelming. Many of us want to help support Indie Film, but it is too time consuming to sort through all of the prospective projects. With Start2Finish program Indie Street does the leg work and connects our audiences with the exciting filmmakers:

  1. Our team researches the top crowdfunding platforms and feature only the most worthy projects
  2. We recommend that our community donates to the film to help get the project green-lit.
  3. IndieStreet produces exclusive behind the scenes clips for the film maker so our community can follow and learn about the unique production process of the film.
  4. We offer the film distribution on so our community can watch the final product.

The IndieStreet community will smile even wider while watching a film they were able to support, follow, and connect with from Start2Finish!